Testing Technology

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Testing Technology

Adjustable & Constant Voltage Supply REOLAB 423

High voltage supply with AC-Output

The high-voltage supply unit is intended for testing current converters in the energy sector, as well as testing the entire auxiliary converters and switched power supply systems used in railway installations.

  • Conforms to: VDE 0552
  • Test voltage 3 kV for primary circuit
  • Protection IP 20
  • Ambient temperature: 40 °C

Unique Selling Point

  • Power switch with magnetic and thermal cut-out in the mains input circuit
  • Main contactor for operational switching of transformers
  • Emergency Off switch and safety loop with warning lamps
  • Air-operated short-circuiting and grounding switch for the DC output
  • Viewing window for DC analog voltmeter and air-operated breaker
  • Analog meters for V & A in the mains supply (96 x 96 mm format)
  • Digital meters for V & A in the AC/DC output (96 x 48 mm format)
  • Analog meters for the DC output
  • Electronically-controlled voltage stabilization
  • Forced zero-position for the variable transformer
  • Output protected against short-circuit and overload
  • Selectable DC output voltage range
  • Discharge circuit for external DC link capacitor
  • Pushbutton and indicator lamp (22 mm Ø) for operation


  • Testing of AC and DC current converters with one unit
  • Constant residual ripple over the entire adjustment range of the DC output
  • Clean sine wave of the AC output voltage
  • No EMC problems
  • Control error approx. 1 % for AC and DC outputs
  • Fast regulation of voltage variations
  • Outputs protected against short-circuit and overload
  • Doubled output current at half the DC voltage selectable
  • True rms measurements with the digital meters
  • System operation possible by means of a control panel not in the immediate vicinity of the HV supply unit
  • Grounding possibility provided for the DC output
  • Additional control of supplementary equipment possible via the control panel

Technical Specifications

  • Rated voltage 3 x 400V
  • Rated power 0-150 kW/kVA

Technical specification

Adjustable & Constant Voltage Supply REOLAB 423

Suitable for this product

Ohmic Load Unit REOLOAD 102

These load units are designed for continuous operation and are used for endurance testing of converters and switch mode power supplies for railway applications.