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23 September, 2013

Examples of interference from NASA

NASA Reference Publication 1374 (RP-1374), “Electronic Systems Failures and Anomalies Attributed to Electromagnetic Interference”, can be downloaded in PDF format from the NASA Archive website at:  

Although it includes many case studies relating to the space program (some of which were very costly), it also includes cases from the marine, aircraft, automotive and medical industries. This publication is of great interest for electronics in general as it does not cover incidents relating to spacecraft charging from natural space plasma, which is of course peculiar to the space environment.

(From Władysław Moroń, Adviser to the President, Office of Telecommunications and Post Regulations, Republic of Poland.)

Originally published in "The First 500 Banana Skins", Nutwood UK Ltd 2007, Email  for a copy, cost around £10 plus p&p.


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