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Determine the best EMC Filter for my application

There are several points which need to be taken into account when selecting a filter for a given application in no particular order!

The required performance should depend on the application, the environment and the EMC standards that are applicable to the product. Many product suppliers take the ‘Technical Construction File’ (TCF) route to compliance and often products are not tested. In these instances we recommend that the customer uses a relatively high performance filter, this will provide the best attenuation with a small premium.

In situations where product is tested, then price and performance should be traded off. In these instances, REO will supply a variety of samples in order that the most economical filter can be chosen. Special designs can also be considered if this helps to further reduce costs and improve performance.

Of course the subject of suitability is paramount and it is essential that operating parameters for the filter are carefully matched to the application and its intended environment.

It may also be necessary to ensure that the filter has UL certification and we can certainly help in this matter too.

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