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EMC Filter CNW 101

Single-phase mains filters (2 lines, single-stage)

Recommended filter for suppressing interference according to EN 55011, Class A and EN 61800-3, category C2.

Low-cost filter with small dimensions and good damping performance for the direct installation in a case on the interference source. The filter is also as a version with low leakage current as well as special medical version (no Y capacitors) available.

Optionally, the filter can be delivered with overvoltage protection. The connection with insulated spade connections enables a fast and touch-proof assembly. Also other versions with different connections (like clamp or braid) are possible.


  • compact construction
  • easy installation
  • touch-proof if used with insulated spade connectors
  • good damping performance at a low leakage current
  • also available as a medical version or with a lower leakage current
  • optional with overvoltage protection
  • UL approval for the complete model range – E217177 (not for N- and MED-versions)

Typical Applications

Switch-mode power supplies for industrial electronics, telecommunications, data systems engineering and DC applications.

Technical Specifications

  • Conforming to: VDE 0565-3 / IEC 950 / UL 1283
  • Test voltage: L-N 2100 V, DC 1s, L/N-PE 2700 V, DC 1s
  • Overload: 1,5 x I 1 min/h
  • Climatic category: DIN IEC 68 Teil 1 25/085/21

Technical specification

EMC Filter CNW 101

Dimensions in mm

Dimensions in mm EMC Filter CNW 101

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