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EMC Filter CNW 114/500

Three-phase mains filters (3 lines)

When electronic components are panel-mounted in a cabinet, in the most of the cases the same circuits with different power are required. To avoid permanent modifications of the apertures, several power ranges should ideally be combined. The filters of this series, within the most important power range, have equal fixing dimensions, so that the filters can be replaced.


  • compact construction
  • easy installation
  • low temperature rise
  • touch-proof terminals
  • very good attenuation in a wide frequency spectrum
  • IT-versions possible
  • UL approval for CNW 114/8 up to CNW 114/600 A (doesn´t apply to the 690 V version)

Typical Applications

Frequency converters for motor drives, wind power installations and power supply units

Technical Specifications

  • Conforming to: VDE 0565-3 / IEC 950 / UL 1283
  • Test voltage: L-L 2100 V, DC 1s, L-PE 2700 V, DC 1s
  • Overload: 1,5 x I 1 min/h
  • Climatic category: DIN IEC 68 Teil 1 25/085/21


Technical specification

EMC Filter CNW 114/500

Dimensions in mm

Dimensions in mm EMC Filter CNW 114/500

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