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Problems with running electrically noisy cables close to sensitive cable

Do not route electrically noisy cables close to sensitive cables.

Split cables up into groups, e.g….

Only bundle members of each group together.

Never place different groups in the same trunking.

Always use a solid metal cable support structure (ducts, trunking, trays, even structural steelwork) along the entire length of all insulated cables, and constructed it to be a PEC (see below). Basket or wire cable trays are no use.

If routed in parallel routes, lie the different bundles along a metal wall, girder or cable tray that is designed as a PEC (see below) and maintain at least Xmm spacing (whether horizontal or vertical) between each bundle in turn from a) through to h). If this means digging a new cable trough in a concrete floor, so be it – the effort will be worthwhile.

For instance, if X is 150mm then the a-b spacing is 150mm but the b-e spacing is 450mm.

Routing cable categories in dedicated metal conduit PECs or covered metal duct PECs can allow these spacings to be reduced.

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