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REOVIB 514 (System 500)

  • CE
  • RoHS
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The range of REOVIB System 500 modules comprises phase-angle controllers for vibratory feeders and a timer module used with systems that have track control.
The REOVIB 514 is designed for controlling bowl or linear feeders up to 6 A current rating. The output frequency 50Hz/100Hz (60Hz/120Hz) is selected to suit the feeder. In the regulation circuit there is built-in compensation for mains variations. The feed rate setpoint can be derived from a potentiometer, a voltage signal 0...+10 VDC or a current signal 0...20 mA.  The setpoint range can be linearised by means of two trimmers Umin/Umax.  Furthermore, an enable input is provided for start/stop operation and there is a control input for use with a track control module (REOVIB 513).
Fixings are provided for DIN rail mounting according to DIN EN 50022-35. 

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Code Type Protection Rating Output Voltage (V) Output Current (A) Enable Operating Temperature (C) Supply Voltage (V) Availability Data Sheet  
51420 REOVIB 514, 6A, IP20, 110V IP20 30...105 0,2...6 24V, DC 0...+45 110 Upon Request Datasheet PDF Enquire Now
51401 REOVIB 514, 6A, IP20, 230V IP20 40...210 0,2...6 24V, DC 0...+45 230 Upon Request Datasheet PDF Enquire Now

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