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REOVIB RTS (539) Expansion Module

  • CE
  • RoHS
REOVIB RTS (539) Expansion Module image #1

The REOVIB 539-System is a cost-effective Triac modular-type controller for use with vibratory feeding systems. The basic module is fitted with the input terminals for the mains supply. It can be extended by two further modules, which are mounted using plug-in connectors. Each module includes the connection terminals for the feeder and the relevant setting possibilities. The basic module includes an EMC input filter for interference suppression and the supply voltage for the electronic control. The output voltage is regulated to match the preset setpoint, thus compensating for mains variations.
All functions for setting up a complete feeder system (consisting of a linear feeder, a bowl feeder and hopper) are included in the modules. Each module has a sensor input for a 24 VDC PNP sensor, a track control (backlog), an enable input and a status relay.  The sensor function is invertible. The setpoint can be adjusted with an external 0...+10 VDC or 0(4)...20 mA signal or a 10 kOhm potentiometer.
The control characteristics can be adjusted to suit the feeder unit by using the trimmers Umin/Umax. To link several modules, it is possible to enable the downstream modules by a jumper contact.
The unit mounts to a 35 mm DIN rail according to EN 50022-35.

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Code Type Frequency (Hz) Output Current (A) Set Point Enable Operating Temperature (C) Output Voltage (V) Availability Data Sheet  
53980 REOVIB RTS Expansion Module 50/100 / 60/12 6 Potentiometer 0...10V or 0...20mA 24 VDC, Switch 0...+45 Via RTS Module 20...100 / 40...210 V Upon Request Datasheet PDF Enquire Now

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