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REOVIB R6/539 Controller

  • CE
  • RoHS
REOVIB R6/539 Controller image #1

The REOVIB R6/539 is a range of controllers available with or without track control. The controllers work on the phase-angle principle, the throughput power of the feeder is adjusted via the supply voltage. The feed rate setpoint can be either preset internally via the built-in potentiometer, or externally via 0...+10 VDC or 0(4)...20 mA. An enable input and a status output are provided and can be used for interlocking with other control equipment. The controllers include a mains switch and a fuse.
The operating range of the setpoint potentiometer can be adapted for specific requirements of the feeder by means of the trimmers and switches located behind a front cover, i.e. the housing does not have to be opened.
Depending on controller version, the connec¬tions to the feeder are made either via an output connector (standard) or a cable.

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Code Type Operating Temperature (C) Frequency (Hz) Output Current (A) Protection Rating Output Voltage (V) Supply Voltage (V) Availability Data Sheet  
653955 REOVIB R6-539 UK Design Voltage: 110/230V, 50/60 Hz Current: 6 A 0...+45 50/100 - 60/120 6 IP54 20...100 / 40...210 110/230 Switchable Immediate Despatch Datasheet PDF Enquire Now

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