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REOVIB SW 30, SW 31 and SW 72 accelerome-ters are particularly suitable for measuring the amplitude of vibratory feeder systems. They are designed for a frequency range of 10...60 Hz.

The sensors are based on the piezo-electronic principle and they incorporate a filter that is designed for the operating frequency range, as well as an amplifier and an impedance converter.
The measured value is provided as a voltage signal that is proportional to amplitude.

All components are completely sealed in an alu-minium housing.
Electrical connection is made through a 4-core, screened cable. Depending on the version the terminations can be either free ends or a plug connector.
Other cable lengths can be supplied on request.

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Code Type Protection Rating Availability Data Sheet  
200045730 REOVIB SW 30, 600 mV/g, IP54, AK IP54 Upon Request Datasheet PDF Enquire Now

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