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REOVIB SWM 1000 Sensor

  • CE
  • RoHS
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The sensor SWM 1000 is intended for monitoring vibrating chutes. The sensor detects the acceleration of a magnetic or motor-driven vi-brating chute and provides one value of accel-eration and amplitude each. The sensor output can be directly connected to a measuring de-vice (with 0(4)… 20 mA input) or – for evalua-tion resp. monitoring purposes – to a PLC.

The measured value of the acceleration is con-verted into a 0(4)…20 mA DC current signal which corresponds to the acceleration value. An internal filter ensures that the measured value is free of any high-frequency disturbances. The output signal corresponds to the acceleration peak value of the vibration (+/- a [g]).

The amplitude value of the oscillation is calcu-lated from the measured value of the vibrating acceleration and the measured vibrating fre-quency and displayed in a 0(4)... 20 mA DC current signal. The output signal corresponds to the peak value of the vibration (+/- s [mm]).

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Code Type Supply Voltage (V) Output Voltage (V) Output Current (A) Frequency (Hz) Set Point Enable Relay Soft Start (Sek) Track Control Amplitude Regulation Operating Temperature (C) Protection Rating Controller Type Availability Data Sheet  
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