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REOVIB SWM 843 image #1

The REOVIB SWM 843 monitoring units are intended for measuring and displaying the behaviour of vibrating chutes. The measured value can be read directly as acceleration, vibration, or frequency value on the unit's 5-digit, 7-segment display.

Furthermore, the measurement value is available as a proportional 0/4...20 mA out­put signal.

Chute vibration is detected by means of an acceleration sensor. The measured vibra­tion value is compared with preset mini­mum and maximum limit values. If either limit is exceeded, the corresponding alarm relay is triggered after an adjustable res­ponse delay time has elapsed, thus sig­nalling a fault in the feeder chute.

To prevent incorrect measurements during feeder start-up, operation of the unit can be delayed for an adjustable period after the mains supply has been switched on.

Acceleration sensor: e.g.      REOVIB 608 A11                         REOVIB 601 A01

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Code Type Enable Protection Rating Operating Temperature (C) Supply Voltage (V) Availability Data Sheet  
SWM843 REOVIB SWM 843 Monitoring Devise 24 V, DC IP20 0...+45 90...240 V +/-1 Upon Request Datasheet PDF Enquire Now

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