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Three Phase Transformer for Rail Type NTT ET/DT

  • IRIS
Transformer with robust protection

The transformer connects single-phase or multiphase alternating voltage networks of the same frequency but often with differing voltages. The primary and secondary windings are magnetically coupled, so there is always galvanic isolation of the windings. The transformers ET and DT are designed for use in vehicles in an AC or DC network (in inverter mode). This includes railed vehicles such as underground and commuter trains or passenger trains in AC network systems. To do this, the transformers are either used for the galvanic isolation of the AC networks and for voltage adjustments of auxiliary plant inverter output voltage. The term “transformer” refers to the complete, ready-foroperation unit comprising of core package, winding, cooled air flow, suspension and connections. Manufactured to customer specification

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Code Type Rated Power (kVA) Primary Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Availability Data Sheet  
NTT ET/DT REO Three Phase Robust Transformer for Trains 2.5 - 1000 20 - 2000 50/60 Upon Request Datasheet PDF Enquire Now