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MTS 442 2-channel phase-angle controller for vibratory feeders

  • CE
  • RoHS
MTS 442 2-channel phase-angle controller for vibratory feeders image #1

The REOVIB MTS 442 is a 2-channel controller that can be used with bowl or linear feeders. It can be adapted for use with different feeders by selecting either half or full wave output i.e. 50/100 Hz (50 Hz supply) or 60/120 Hz (60 Hz supply). The interactions of the two channels are controlled internally.

The setpoint for the feeder throughput and all parameters are adjusted by using the display and keypad in the front panel. User settings can be stored and recalled.

Track-sensor control is provided for each channel. If two sensors are used, it is possible to set up logic interlocks. Furthermore, there is a 24V solenoid output and each output channel has an enable input and a status output which can be used for interlocking with other control equipment. The unit can also be set up for use with a single-phase storage conveyor motor.

Moreover, the unit is fitted with a mains switch, a mains supply lead or socket, and output sockets for connecting the feeder and control signals.  An on-board fuse provides short-circuit protection for the internal semiconductors.

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