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Inrush-current limiter - ED 746

  • CE
  • RoHS
Inrush-current limiter - ED 746 image #1

REO inrush-current limiters enable reactive loads to be protected and prevent the false tripping of overload relays.
They are used with inductive and capacitive loads e.g. rectifiers, motors (disk saws etc.) and transformers.

  • maximum manufacturing range: up to 4 kVA
  • secondary voltages: 260 V
  • Nominal currents: up to 32 A

Special voltages and higher capacities on request

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Code Type Voltage Input (V) Voltage Output (V) Current (A) Net(£) Availability Data Sheet  
ED746 32 Amp Current Surge Limiter 260 260 32 £136.97 Immediate Despatch Datasheet PDF