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REO Current & Voltage Sensors

14 October, 2014

For many years, REO has been active in the development, manufacture and optimization of current transformers and instrument transformers that are used in the widest variety of applications - e.g. metrology and control technology, control cabinet construction, motor-speed control and welding engineering.

As a member of the Association of German Machinery and Equipment Constructors (VDMA), REO is committed to comply with all relevant norms and certifications worldwide, as well as ensuring that products are constantly developed to the latest state of the art.

In addition and particularly in the domain of railway engineering, stringent requirements must be met in relation to external environmental effects (heat, cold, sand or moisture), resistance to shock and vibration, insulation design, and high loading capacity. These current transformers are distinguished by the appropriate norms (REO is IRIS certified) that are essential in railway engineering.

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