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REO EMC Filters

16 June, 2015

The use of electrical and electrical equipment is becoming more widespread. However to ensure safe and reliable operation, electromagnetically compatible conditions must exist i.e. a device must be able to work satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment and without causing unacceptable electromagnetic inference in the same environment.

Electromagnetic inference can cause various faults that are often difficult to diagnose. Crackling and hissing on a radio receiver, data errors and processor glitches in computer engineering and even the breakdown of isolation are all possible effects.

To ensure compliance with relevant EMC directives and to avoid instances of interference, appropriate EMC filters must be used.

Electromagnetic interference can be propagated in various ways. The nature of that propagation depends on the frequency involved.

EMC filters are used to suppress conducted inference by maximizing the impedance mismatch between line and load. The filtering effect works in both directions. This means that interference from the power-consuming device to the network as well as from the network to the power-consuming device is damped.

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