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REOTRON Power Supplies For Use In Cathodic Protection Applications

27 January, 2015

For many years REO has manufactured and developed power supplies for use in Cathodic Protection (CP) applications.The REOTRON TRPS-CP are robust transformer-rectifier (TR) power supply units. They are used all over the world in CP applications and provide exceptionally reliable and economical protection.Remote monitoring, control and maintenance of CP plant is becoming more important as it allows cost effective
and accurate measurement of the performance of a given installation at any time and without large survey costs. For these applications, REO has developed a specific solution, the REOTRON SMP-CP it is a robust electronic power supply based on the latest primary switch mode technology.The REOTRON SMP-CP can be controlled from a true zero of voltage or current (very important for CP applications) up to the maximum rated values using a wide variety of control options, for example, the user can use the integral keypad, fit external potentiometers or use analog control signals (0 - 10 VDC, 0 – 20 mA), serial
communication (RS232) or a variety of industrial fieldbus interfaces (Profibus, CAN, DeviceNet or EtherCat). This ensures that the units can easily be integrated using the latest SCADA based control schemes or even be used in retro-fit applications to replace older systems. In addition each unit provides a 4-20 mA feedback which provides a proportional output for current and voltage. The means that metering is much easier as there is no
requirement for current shunts.These electronic power supply units, offer high efficiency, easy maintenance, very low output voltage ripple all in a reliable compact package.
Another power supply solution from REO is the regulating/firing unit REOTRON MDZ2000. This is used for controlling 6-pulse semiconductor rectifier circuits in conjunction with oil or air cooled transformers to provide low voltage/high current DC power. Again using the standard REO control schemes (keypad, analog, comms) voltage or current can be accurately controlled to ensure reliable regulation and easy integration. Whatever your preferred power option for your CP requirements, REO can provide the solution.
We also engineer and manufacture customer specified equipment, if you have an application and cannot find a solution please contact us.

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