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9 June, 2015

The new generation of harmonic filters

Electrical components are continually becoming smaller, more efficient and cheaper. To achieve this, most applications include components such as thyristors or frequency converters. The components are also known as “non-linear loads“ because their characteristic curve is not a straight line, which leads to many undesirable problems. In particular, these include harmonics.

Harmonics are an example of the type of problem that are often simply not recognised correctly, but can cause significant malfunctioning – particularly with the increasing use of non-linear loads. Harmonics cause, for example, interference phenomena such as:

• Creating additional losses resulting in unnecessary consumption of energy

• Reduced lifetime of transformers due to destruction of the insulation

• Resonances in the supply networks

• Measurement errors

• Errors in tripping fuses

• Serious faults in IT systems.

The solution for these problems is the REOWAVE®passive!

This device is used at the place where the problems arise – where the biggest effect can be achieved. REOWAVE®passive is based on proven components of the REO CNW family such as REO mains filters and REO harmonic filters which, thanks to their excellent characteristics and the special circuit design of REOWAVE®passive, efficiently keep the harmonics away from the mains network.

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