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Single-Phase Thyristor Controller REOTRON EW 509

Thyristor power regulator

The range of REOVIB System 500 modules comprises phase-angle controllers for vibratory feeders and a timer module used with systems that have track control.

The REOVIB 509 is designed for controlling bowl or linear feeders up to 15 A current rating. The output frequency 50Hz/100Hz (60Hz/120Hz) is selected to suit the feeder. In the regulation circuit there is built-in compensation for mains variations. The feed rate setpoint can be derived from a potentiometer, a voltage signal 0…+10 VDC or a current signal 0…20 mA. The setpoint range can be linearised by means of two trimmers Umin/Umax.

Furthermore, an enable input is provided for start/stop operation and there is a control input for use with a track control module (REOVIB 513).

Fixings are provided for DIN rail mounting according to EN 50022-35.


  • Mains voltage compensation
  • Selectable vibrating frequency 50/100 Hz or 60/120 Hz
  • Enable input 24 VDC or contact
  • Snap-on mounting for 35 mm DIN rail
  • Control input for track control using the REOVIB 513

Technical Specifications

Input voltage : 230 / 400 V + 6% / – 10%

Output voltage : 0…Ue V

Output Current : 15 A

Technical specification

Single-Phase Thyristor Controller REOTRON EW 509

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Dimensions in mm

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