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Three-Phase Thyristor Controller REOTRON MDW 700

3-phase thyristor power controller

REOTRON MDW thyristor controllers are used in industrial process engineering, especially in applications where accurate regulation of the load is required.

The MDW range can operate as phase-angle or in burst-fire mode as standard and is able to function as voltage, current or power regulators ensuring maximum versatility.

REOTRON MDW controllers can be directly connected to the load (Infrared heating) or can also be used for primary control of transformers for load isolation and allow more favourable combinations for operation of voltage/current (resistance heating applications)

The REOTRON MDW is a modern microprocessor controlled device with integrated monitoring of voltage and current to ensure that accurate regulation occurs.

Communication with the devices can be done using conventional analog interfaces (0…10V,DC or 0(4)…20 mA), potentiometer or field bus systems like DeviceNet, ProfiBus, CanBus, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP and ProfiNet to allow easy integration into new or existing factory control networks.

To provide additional functionality the units also provide 0..+10V,DC analog outputs which are proportional to current and voltage. These can easily be interfaced to external measurement and supervisory systems.

The units have a wide variety of user adjustable parameters so that control can be tailored and optimized for the application, for example Current/Voltage Limit and ramp-up and ramp-down times. The REOTRON MDW range is protected to IP20 and is designed to be integrated into control cabinets.

They are air-cooled and above 150A have integral cooling fans. In addition to this, the REOTRON MDW-WK are designed for water-cooling and can easily be integrated into new or existing cooling systems.


  • phase-angle or burst-fire controllers
  • measuring of effective values
  • connection via analogue interfaces, potentiometers or field bus systems
  • air- or water-cooling
  • installation device for control cabinets

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Three-Phase Thyristor Controller REOTRON MDW 700

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