Sailing on a sea of electricity


power electricity

We're taught that electricity and water don't mix.

The truth is they mix very well - far too well, in fact. Electricity travels through water far more efficiently than it can through air, so it's not hard to imagine the problems that water can cause when it gets into electronics. Here, Steve Hughes, managing director of  wound component manufacturer REO UK , covers the challenges modern electronics face on the high seas.

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Choosing transformers for critical medicine


transformer medical

Modern examination and operating methods would not be possible without the use of electricity.

Transformers used in these applications are designed to protect patients, staff and the equipment used in their care, and as such are required to meet demanding specifications. Steve Hughes, managing director at  REO UK  , explains the key considerations when specifying a medical transformer.

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Streamlining electrical components



 REO refocuses efforts on refined product line 

Variety is the spice of life b ut, as anyone who's tried to throw a curry together without a recipe knows well, you can certainly have too much. When specifying electrical components, engineers are often presented with dizzying spreadsheets filled with technical datapoints, for hundreds of devices. Here, Steve Hughes, managing director explains why REO is streamlining its offerings to improve support for electrical and design engineers.

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Getting the UK up to speed with EVs



You've doubtless heard of the UK Government's plans to ban the sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars from the year 2035. That's less than 5,500 days left to run out and buy that gas-guzzling SUV you know you shouldn't, but it also means the days remaining to electrify the UK's road network are rapidly running out. Here, Steve Hughes points out some potential potholes on the road ahead.

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Private workshop upgrades machine tools with REO



CNW933 sine wave filter helps small rural workshop power its new CNC machines 

REO deals mainly with large or medium-sized equipment manufacturers and electrical installers. So, it was pleased to be contacted directly by the private owner of a small vintage car parts workshop in the South Downs, UK. The customer was experiencing power issues while upgrading its machine tools, for which the CNW933 sine wave filter was identified as the best solution.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Statement



At REO we are making a continuous and in-depth monitoring of the situation daily and check for new information which may influence our business and consequently that of our customers. Many of our customers are in the food or pharmaceutical industries and we are doing our utmost to ensure that we can continue to supply and provide support. Our office staff are working remotely and key production and logistical staff are operating to the Governments latest guidelines concerning safe working. As an additional measure, we are working two shifts to ensure we have a contingency in place in the event that employees should need to self-isolate.

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Insight into the future of engineering



The top-level lessons from REO UK's R30 e-book 

In November 2019, REO UK celebrated 30 years of excellence in electrical engineering by releasing its book, R30 : The past, present and future of power, on  Amazon Kindle . Here, Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK and author of R30, shares some of the top-level insight explored in the book. 

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REO enhances wound coil technology



Investment in edge winding machines shows promise for future electrical applications

REO has invested in several new edge winding machines at its German manufacturing headquarters. The new machines will allow for the development of electrical components such as chokes and transformers that are lighter by up to ten per cent and with reduced power losses of up to 25 per cent compared to existing products.

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30 years smarter, a timeline of change



New REO infographic maps the electronic evolution from 1989-2019 

For its 30th anniversary, we have produced a new infographic reflecting key changes in the electronic and electrical engineering sectors over the last 30 years. The infographic charts significant developments in a continuing electronic evolution that's seen the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), surgical robots, electric vehicles (EVs) and more.

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Discover the future of engineering



 Power quality engineering book | future engineering report

REO UK turned 30 in 2019, celebrating three decades helping industrial businesses to achieve greater power quality through excellence in design and electrical engineering.

To commemorate this anniversary, REO UK has released a  power quality engineering ebook  exploring the industrial trends that have reshaped engineering in the past 30 years and serving as a future of engineering report to outline the road ahead.

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