Insight into the future of engineering



The top-level lessons from REO UK's R30 e-book 

In November 2019, REO UK celebrated 30 years of excellence in electrical engineering by releasing its book, R30 : The past, present and future of power, on  Amazon Kindle . Here, Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK and author of R30, shares some of the top-level insight explored in the book. 

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REO enhances wound coil technology



Investment in edge winding machines shows promise for future electrical applications

REO has invested in several new edge winding machines at its German manufacturing headquarters. The new machines will allow for the development of electrical components such as chokes and transformers that are lighter by up to ten per cent and with reduced power losses of up to 25 per cent compared to existing products.

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30 years smarter, a timeline of change



New REO infographic maps the electronic evolution from 1989-2019 

For its 30th anniversary, we have produced a new infographic reflecting key changes in the electronic and electrical engineering sectors over the last 30 years. The infographic charts significant developments in a continuing electronic evolution that's seen the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), surgical robots, electric vehicles (EVs) and more.

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Discover the future of engineering



 Power quality engineering book | future engineering report

REO UK turned 30 in 2019, celebrating three decades helping industrial businesses to achieve greater power quality through excellence in design and electrical engineering.

To commemorate this anniversary, REO UK has released a  power quality engineering ebook  exploring the industrial trends that have reshaped engineering in the past 30 years and serving as a future of engineering report to outline the road ahead.

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What challenges are ahead for electrical engineering?



In the past 30 years, we've seen more industry sectors adopt electrification. However, the abundance of devices in use today leads to electrical grids with widespread power quality problems and electrical issues. As new technologies such as electric vehicles and surgical robots take over the market, the challenges will only continue to mount. Here, Steve Hughes, managing director of power quality specialist REO UK, outlines some of the biggest challenges electrical engineers will face in the coming years.

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REO develops compact braking resistor with 3500 W power



Specialist brings high power to small resistor 

REO UK has brought  high power brake resistors  into the 21st century with its new REOHM series 155 braking resistors for industrial control cabinets. The product can deliver up to  3500 W of continuous power  to drives with medium and high-power frequency converters, with isolation voltages to 4.4 kV, in a compact design that helps the product overcome the common problems with electrical braking resistors.

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The EV overload



The rise of the electric vehicle, or EV, is inevitable. Over the past decade, many car manufacturers, including BMW, Audi and of course Tesla, have blown the lid off this new technology. As EV battery capacity and motor efficiency continue to increase, the ability to charge the batteries within a reasonable time frame is of utmost importance. Steve Hughes, managing director, runs us through the problem.

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The key to clean and consistent power



It's not an exaggeration to suggest an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can sometimes be the difference between life and death. Hospital operating theaters, A&E departments and emergency services all require clean and consistent power, which a UPS can help provide. Here, Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK, explores the importance of UPS systems in the medical sector. 

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Aluminium-clad brake resistor passes environmental testing to EN standards



Braking resistor shows enduring excellence

A robust electrical braking resistor designed to improve the safety and longevity of electronic components in electric vehicles (EVs) has passed environmental testing and proven its quality to EN certification. A special version of the standard BW165 aluminum-clad braking resistor, manufactured by electrical power quality specialist REO UK, endured shock, vibration and salt mist environmental testing to prove its design and performance in challenging environments.


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Quarantining poor power quality



The role of electrical isolation and galvanic separation in healthcare

If a hospital patient was suffering with a contagious virus, chances are they would be separated from other vulnerable patients to minimize the risk of the illness spreading. This idea of ​​separation is equally important for design engineers working on the latest medical technology (MedTech) to mitigate electrical problems. Here, Steve Hughes, managing director of medical power supply specialist REO UK, explains why.


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