Keeping cool in the Middle East



Power quality specialist supplies filters to support HVAC applications

Power quality specialist REO has completed a contract in the Middle East worth € 300,000, supplying a building management company with its REOWAVE Passive harmonic filters. The company's filters were chosen as the most cost effective and energy efficient solution to support the project's heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

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UK MedTech diagnosed unhealthy



The UK's medical industry is being overwhelmed by market uncertainty, cost restraints and technological advancement. This is the worrying diagnosis according to a new medical technology (MedTech) industry white paper.

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Reliably powering medtech



REO UK's medical isolation transformers conform to IEC / EN60601-1 4th edition 

We have launched the latest edition of REOMED, ​​a range of medical isolation transformers (MIT) for the galvanic and safe isolation of medical equipment from the mains supply.

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Is your equipment working harmoniously?



Many of us are familiar with the rhyme about eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away, but how many design engineers or original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) know how to keep poor power quality at bay? Here, Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK, explains why many businesses should re-evaluate their existing equipment.

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Transforming power quality



REO UK has launched a new range of  current transformers  designed to ensure  high power efficiency  and quality by offering  highly accurate linear current sensing  and electricity metering. These transformers come in a selection of power ranges to suit industry sectors including automation, railway engineering and renewable energy.


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Trends in power quality for 2019



Despite advancements in renewable energy, electric vehicles and medical technology, these areas face an on going challenge with power quality. Variations in voltage and frequency can result in power fluctuations, interruptions and transients that can cause damage to networks. Here, Steve Hughes, managing director explains the trends in power quality for 2019.


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Electrical expert helps fund the future



REO UK has donated electronic equipment to the design and technology department at Ludlow School in Shropshire.

The donation will help support an electronics project for year 9 design and technology students at the school, which the company believes will help more young people to develop an interest in technical subjects such as engineering.

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Fast assembly covers for chokes



REO UK has launched a new range of IP20 steel vented covers for industrial chokes.

The growing demand for electrical chokes in industry has created the need for a fast, reliable and easy-to-assemble cover for speedy installations.

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Don't miss out on REO's BLACK FRIDAY deals!



'Not ones to be left out, REO has prepared a special' Black Friday 'product sale which includes products from most of our main product lines.

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Rethinking electric vehicle components


electric vehicle

New infographic highlights areas for performance improvement in EV industry

Electric vehicle (EV) power electronics manufacturer REO UK has released an infographic explaining the three key areas for improvement in EV components. The infographic is available to download for free and aims to help electrical and design engineers choose high-quality electrical components to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their upcoming EV projects.

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