Why is there an electronic component shortage?



Since the launch of the Model 3, Elon Musk has been under significant pressure to scale up Tesla's manufacturing capacity and overcome its current struggle with meeting demand

Currently, the electronic component supply chain is trying to tackle a similar challenge, as Steve Hughes, managing director of specialist components manufacturer REO UK, explains.

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Powering Formula E



The design considerations for the next generation of Formula E vehicles

In its first season, all teams competing in the ABB FIA Formula E championship were supplied with the same electric vehicle (EV). Now, teams can get more creative under the bonnet and automotive manufacturers are using Formula E as a test bed to fine-tune their green technology. Here, Steve Hughes, managing director of specialist electrical components manufacturer REO UK, explains the key considerations when designing the next generation of EVs for Formula E. 

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Rethinking electric vehicle component design



As sales of electric vehicles rise and companies begin to capitalize on the increased adoption of the technology.

REO UK is urging the industry to consider the three areas of concern: component design, charging infrastructure and battery technology. As part of its call-to-action, the company has released a white paper exploring these issues.


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Business energy savings


energy saving

REO UK outlines smart meter requirements to reduce costs

UK industrial electricity prices are among the highest in Europe and, in light of this, a number of businesses are taking direct action to reduce their energy consumption. We have published a SlideShare on LinkedIn, which outlines three tips for businesses looking to reduce their energy savings.

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Resistor for renewables



REO UK launches REO BW151 resistor

With UK Government figures reporting that renewable energy accounted for almost 30 per cent of energy generated, REO UK is focussing on ensuring reliable power generation for the future. The company launched the REO BW151 Resistor, a braking resistor for renewable applications such as wind turbines and electric cars.

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Companies need to review the harmonic filters in their electrical infrastructure


renewable energy

Powering renewable energy companies

Renewable energy companies are being urged to reconsider their supporting electrical infrastructure. We are advising businesses to invest in the RE-GEN CNW957 harmonics filter. Designed to eliminate pulse-width modulation (PWM) frequencies to protect the electrical infrastructure, the filter also increases the efficiency of the drive by improving power quality.

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Medical cybersecurity vs power quality



What is the bigger risk to healthcare?

The security of patient data is of the utmost concern to healthcare organizations, due in no small part to the increase in number and severity of cyber attacks in recent years. However, this isn't the only risk to digital medical records and sensitive data. Here, Steve Hughes, managing director of medical power quality specialist REO UK, explains the threat poor power quality presents to healthcare.

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Certification to Quality Management Systems (QMS) Standard ISO 9001:2015



REO UK has achieved its certification to Quality Management Systems   (QMS) Standard ISO 9001: 2015

As part of its commitment to providing high-quality components and services, power quality specialist REO UK has achieved its certification to Quality Management Systems (QMS) Standard ISO 9001: 2015. The certification demonstrates the company's position as a trusted manufacturer and supplier to existing and prospective customers.

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Rethink component design for electric vehicles



Despite being first invented in the 1830s, electric vehicles (EVs) have only become commercially viable in the last decade

H ere, Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK, explains the challenges faced by automotive companies designing the next generation of EVs.

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Power quality in hybrid operating theatres


reomed medical

If you told a NHS director of finance that they could reduce patient operating times and reduce the time that in-patients spend in hospitals, they'd most likely snap your hand off.  This could soon become a reality with the introduction of hybrid operating theaters , which combine high-end imaging equipment with a traditional surgery environment.

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