Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the team



It is that time of year again where we would like to wish all of our customers, colleagues and suppliers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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The season for giving



REO UK donate to local cancer relief charity

Shropshire-based power quality specialist REO UK has traded in its Christmas cards for charity this year, donating the festive funds to Lingen Davies Cancer Fund. The donation will go towards the charity's ongoing projects with the radiotherapy department at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

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Quality rail components



REO UK offers the chance to win a Hornby model train set

To celebrate the launch of its new train power magnetics website, power quality specialist, REO, is offering Twitter users the chance to win a Hornby model train set worth £ 200. The new site is the home of REO's services in the maintenance, replacement and repair of rail components. Twitter users that retweet REO's competition tweet and follow @REO_UK will be entered into a prize draw to win the quality model train set.

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Being smart about smart meters



"Who's left this TV on again?"

You can almost hear the cries of dads all around the country as they realize their home smart meter is showing a spike in energy consumption. It's not just dads either. Energy companies are currently promoting smart meters as a way for consumers to reduce their energy costs. But did you know these can also be used in industry? However, as Steve Hughes, managing director of power quality specialist REO UK explains, they must be used effectively.

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Making vehicles more energy efficient



New braking resistor increases vehicle energy efficiency

Power quality specialist REO UK has launched the REOHM BWD 330,  a water-cooled power resistor for braking systems in hybrid and electric vehicles . The unique design of the resistor allows excess energy generated during braking to be converted into heat and used in heating systems, increasing vehicle energy efficiency while reducing voltage transients. This makes it ideal for vehicles in agricultural, commercial, haulage and fleet applications.

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Case Study - Water-cooling saves 88% space on ABB 45,000kW resistor bank


water cooling

REO is building its first water-cooled resistors for ABB to test converters used in shipping, railway engineering and water power plants. ABB already uses water-cooled systems but this project represented an opportunity for REO to apply knowledge gained in research areas from inductor and resistor construction to entire control boxes.

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The black sheep of the electrical industry


 liquid cooling technology


The benefits of liquid cooling technology in the electrical industry


In early 2016, a Welsh village was swept with unfounded fears that a flock of drug-fueled sheep would go on a psychotic rampage due to recent fly-tipping. This stemmed from one source's statement being misconstrued by the public. While on this occasion little harm was done to anything other than the sheep's reputation, the event highlighted the ease with which misconceptions can often lead to a fear of new developments, especially in the world of technological innovation. Using water-cooling for electrical devices, for example, has a stigma due to the combination of liquid and electricity . Here, Steve Hughes, managing director of power quality specialist REO UK, investigates the benefits of this technological black sheep.

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Improving power quality for food processing


Improving power quality for food processing

Power quality specialist REO UK has been shortlisted for the  Continuous Improvement award in this year's Food Processing awards . The company was nominated for its REOTRON SMP,  a liquid-cooled switch mode power supply for laser perforation applications in the food and beverage industry . The awards take place on October 19, 2016 at the Malmaison in Birmingham.

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REO UK provides voltage stabiliser for year-long documentary in the Scottish Highlands


voltage stabilizer

REO UK, has supplied a voltage stabilizer to Initiative Electrical for use during the filming of Channel 4's yearlong documentary, Eden. The television series sees 24 individuals spend a year creating their own society from scratch in a remote estate in the Scottish Highlands.

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How businesses can save 30 percent on their energy costs


save 30 percent on their energy costs

How businesses can save 30 percent on their energy costs

New REOWAVE passive energy saving calculator is now available

Power quality specialist REO UK has created an online energy calculator to help businesses calculate the energy savings they can make by using a REOWAVE passive filter. By simply entering a few key figures, businesses and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can instantly see the cost savings and reduction in CO2 emissions they can make by controlling the unwanted interference in their power supply. 

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