Electrical Test Solutions

Electrical Test Solutions

Electrical test systems for test laboratories, workshops, schools and universities

REO develops and manufactures electrical testing equipment for standardized design of the devices of our customers.
The production takes place according to the machine directives, specific standards for other countries can be considered.

The construction of the plant and equipment is modular so that later adjustments can be made to increase the power.

For the commissioning of your electrical appliances, a 100% inspection must be relized - with the REOLAB laboratory and endurance test devices you'll find the ideal solution.

Secure testing without EMC problems

Complete high voltage and high power test stands with sinusoidal output belong to our versatile program as well as individual variable transformers, which are the origin of our work, too. True to the motto: "From the variable transformer we have learned it."

We deliver also the necessary load units (resistive or inductive), and current-, voltage- and power regulators or regenerative systems.

As a special service we offer risk assessments according to the machine directives, which are available on demand for our products.
From test systems for relays up to railway converters - with REO you find the right solution!

  • REOLAB 330

    REO Three-phase supply with separate winding

    REOLAB 330
    • Output Current: 12 - 63 A


    This is the ideal answer for every laboratory requiring a galvanic separation for manual or automatic voltage adjustment.


    • Power switch with magnetic and thermal cut-out

    • Main contactor for operational switching of transformers

    • Secondary contactor On/Off

    • Emergency switch

    • Pushbutton and indicator lamp for operation

    • Outputs protected against short-circuit and overload

    • Analog meters for V & A in the output

    • Electronically-controlled voltage stabilization

    • Forced zero-position for the variable transformer

    • Mains supply via CEE plug and approx. 3 m flexible lead

    • Outputs via laboratory safety sockets and CEE socket

    • 19-inch rack-mount units with aluminium front panels

    • Fixed & swivel castor wheels for mobility

  • REOLAB 420

    REO DC High voltage supply unit

    REOLAB 420
    • Output voltage: 2400 - 7650 V
    • Output Current: 20 - 50 A

    REO develops and manufactures with the series REOLAB 420 the ideal test system for the DC supply of railway or wind converters for higher power ratings.
    The REOLAB 420 test system is designed according to the machinery directive ; railway and and wind converters up to 600kW can be tested and documented via the REO Powerformer .

    For the series REOLAB 420 we supply electrical or compressed air operated switches. The grounding circuits are constructed in such way that the capacitor in the intermediate circuit is switched off.

    On request we will send you the exact operating instructions and technical description - or you can make an appointment with our technical engineer!


    Options :

    • AC output

    • UPS for emergency stop operation

    • Compressed air short-circuit mechanism

    • Forced air cooling ( water cooling )

    • Risk assessment

  • REOLAB 423

    High voltage supply with AC-Output

    REOLAB 423
    • Input voltage: 3x400 V
    • Rated power: 0 - 150 kW/kVA


    The high-voltage supply unit is intended for testing current converters in the energy sector, as well as testing the entire auxiliary converters and switched power supply systems used in railway installations.


    • Conforms to: VDE 0552

    • Test voltage 3 kV for primary circuit

    • Protection IP 20

    • Ambient temperature: 40 °C



    Three-phase voltage stabilizers

    • Adjusting time: ca.2 bzw. ab Größe SD 9 4 sek
    • Input voltage: 3x380 bzw 3x220 V
    • Output voltage: 3x380 bzw 3x220 ± 0,5% V

    REO three-phase voltage stabilizers are designed for three-phase systems with neutral conductor. We can also offer controllers without neutral conductor (on request).

    REOSTAB THREE-phase voltage stabilizers as ballasts for networks with fluctuating voltages, like that, a constant voltage at the output is guaranteed. The unit consists of a variable transformers booster transformer and a controller for the variable transformer.


    • NLR 2012 Digital ± 1% Accuracy

    • NLR 7000 Digital ± 0,5 Accuracy

    • TVR 6500 Analog ± 1% Accuracy for 24 V drive motors

    The regulators are installed within the system and wired. The maximum speed is usually :

    NLR 2012 = 3 sec .
    NLR 7000 = 2 sec
    TVR 6500 = 2 sec . per bar ( max. difference )


    • Plants and data processing systems

    • Regenerative plants

    • Machine controls


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