Electro Medical Solutions

Electro Medical Solutions

REO products for the protection of patients and staff in medical technology

Without electricity modern examination and surgical methods are not possible. Whether computed tomography, ECG, or even dental treatments the use of electricity has allowed the replacement of traditional methods of treatment.

Since 1925 REO has developed innovative solutions for transformers and today REO produces transformers for medical devices, which comply with global standards setting new standards in efficiency and improvement in safety.

With great attention to modern production methods, efficient work processes, and constant development REO supply manufacturers of medical electrical equipment with products which contribute to the protection of patient and operator.

  • REOMED 300

    Isolation Transformer for the Medical Technology

    REOMED 300
    • Rated power: 300 VA
    • Input voltage: 115 - 230 V

    The TÜV-certified REOMED isolating transformers are proven and reliable equipment for use with all electrical systems in a medical environment. They reduce the leakage current and thus help to ensure the safety of patients.
    REOMED isolating transformers are characterized by their very low magnetic stray-fields and reliability, whilst also providing high efficiency and easy connectivity.

    Application area:

    • Medical systems

  • REOMED Isonet Network isolator