Portable Measuring Instrument for Vibratory Feeders

Portable Measuring Instrument for Vibratory Feeders


A measuring instrument designed to facilitate the development, tuning and servicing of vibratory equipment, such as conveyors or bowl feeders, has been introduced by REO.

The hand-held device - REOVIB SWM 3000 - is used in conjunction with an accelerometer that is attached to the vibrating component which is to be measured. It displays several useful parameters simultaneously: Acceleration (0.2… 150g), Speed ​​(cm / s), Deflection (0… 30mm) and Frequency (6… 600Hz). Sensor input can be calibrated from 10 mV / g - 500 mV / g. The instrument is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Measurements can be stored to memory and uploaded in .xls format, through an RS232 interface to a PC, for more detailed analysis.

The dimensions of the hand held unit are 196 x 100 x 40mm. It is supplied complete with batteries and charging unit, a mains connector, RS232 cable and a data capture software program.