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Unique Selling Point

  • IEC 60601-1-2 (Edition 4.0)
  • Easy to operate
  • Audio/Visual alarm
  • Functional test
  • Display of power consumption (optional)
  • Temperature warning (optional)



Normal safety devices used for protection against isolation failures, such
as residual- current circuit-breakers (RCD) used in domestic installations,
cannot detect isolation breakdown on the secondary side of isolating
The ISOMONITOR monitors the dielectric resistance between both
of the live output- socket terminals of the isolation transformer and
earth potential, and generates a warning signal in the event of a fault
condition. The insulation resistance is constantly monitored to ensure
that it does not drop below a limit of 50 kΩ (25 kΩ). If it does
fall below this value, then both an acoustic alarm (sound pulsating at
approximately 3kHz and 98 db) and a visual signal (LED display) are
The ISOMONITOR can be connected to one of the socket outlets of the
isolating transformer and requires no additional power supply.
Further functional options are monitoring of the temperature of the
transformer including audible and visual alarm, as well as a visual display
of the transformers power consumption. In case of an fault, the acoustic
alarm can be reset via an acknowledgement button; the optical alarm is
automatically reset as soon as the fault has been eliminated.

Technical Data

  • Input voltage : 115 or 230 V
Your contact: +44 1588 673 411 •





Rated voltage

 230 115 [V]

Operation range

200 - 240

100 - 120 [VAC]

Response value

≤ 50

≤ 25 [kΩ]

Response time

< 2


Signal display

Yellow LED (Temperatur)): Transformer temperature limit exceeded (optional)


Yellow LED (Isolation): Isolation fault
Green LED (Power on): Running


Load of the Transfomer (Power):
Green LED: 30% (optional)
Yellow LED: 60% (optional)
Red LED: 90% (optional)

Acoustic signal

Pulsating in case of isolation fault

Continuous is case of temperature fault optimal (optional)

Ambient temperature 0 ...+40 [°C]
Ambient air humidity 30 ...75 [%]
Protection class II  
Protection type IP 20  

The ISOMONITOR has been designed solely for use with REOMED isolation transformers.