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REOVIB Smart 6025

IP 54, for standalone application

REOVIB Smart 6025

Unique Selling Point

  • Cost-effective phase-angle control systems with vital functionality
  • IP54 design for standalone application  or IP20 design for installation in a control cabinet
  • Versions available with UL approval (SMART RTS 15)


The devices of the REOVIB SMART-MIC series are available in two different protection classes - as control cabinet installation modules in IP20 or as housing variants in IP54 for direct mounting on the application. The maximum output current is 6 A.

The housing variants with protection class IP54 are available in different versions:

  • Input- and output cable
  • Input cable and output plug
  • Completely pluggable with input plug and sensor connector


In addition to the functions and advantages of the REOVIB SMART series, the controller offers mains voltage compensation for constant amplitude and an adjustable soft start ramp time.



Technical Data

  • Output voltage : 40...210V V
  • Output Current : 6 A
  • Input voltage switchable : 110 / 230 V
Your contact: +44 1588 673 411 •

REOVIB Smart 6025

IP 54, for standalone application

Input voltage 110V/230V switchable
Mains frequency  50 / 60 Hz +/- 3 Hz
Output voltage 40...210V
Output current 6A
Vibration frequency 50Hz 50Hz/100Hz
Vibration frequency 60Hz 60Hz/120Hz
Setpoint setting LED display, 0...10V, 0...20mA, 4...20mA
Ext. release 24 V DC, switch
Umin / Umax setting

LED display (IP54)
Potentiometer (IP20)

Soft start adjustable 0...60 sec.
Mains voltage compensation  
conformity CE, RoHS
protection class IP20, IP54
ambient temperature 0...40 °C