With the current controller to digital signals

The current controller transforms signals into digital signals. Monitoring of the current set is carried out inductively at the conductor that is guided through the housing.

The built-in relay switches when the current set is exceeded.

  • Series 869

    Current controller

    Series 869

    The type 869 current relay converts signals into digital form. The set current is monitored inductively on the line fed through the housing. If the set current is exceeded, the inbuilt relay switches over. The switching threshold is set coarsely via DIP switches (within the device) and precisely with a front-mounted potentiometer.

    To prevent the relay “fluttering” around the switching point, switching hysteresis can be set. The relay can provide Normally Open or Normally Closed contacts.


    Application area

    • Industry

    • Metrology and testing techniques

    • Energy, automation and building technology



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