New Products

  • REOVIB WI 721

    AC-Magnet, powder-coated

    REOVIB WI 721
    • Max. Nominal air gap: 3 mm
    • Power at 3000 1/min: 280 VA - 3900 VA
    • Power at 6000 1/min: 320 VA - 2200 VA


    - Packaging industry and weighing sector for feeding and sorting processes
    - Automation process and assembly equipment which utilizes electromagnetic drives.

    Particularly suited for the food processing sector and the pharmaceutical sector (FDA compliant)

  • REOVIB MTS 620


    REOVIB MTS 620
    • Output voltage: 210, 360, 430 V
    • Output Current: 25 A
    • Input voltage auto detect: 230 / 400 V

    The control unit REOVIB MTS 620 is a phase-angle controller for regulating of the conveying speed of vibratory feeders. All parameters can be entered via an LED display integrated in the front panel.

    User specific settings can be stored and recalled. The device is available in IP20.

  • REOVIB Smart 6025

    IP 54, for standalone application

    REOVIB Smart 6025
    • Output voltage: 40...210V V
    • Output Current: 6 A
    • Input voltage switchable: 110 / 230 V

    The devices of the REOVIB SMART-MIC series are available in two different protection classes - as control cabinet installation modules in IP20 or as housing variants in IP54 for direct mounting on the application. The maximum output current is 6 A.

    The housing variants with protection class IP54 are available in different versions:

    • Input- and output cable

    • Input cable and output plug

    • Completely pluggable with input plug and sensor connector


    In addition to the functions and advantages of the REOVIB SMART series, the controller offers mains voltage compensation for constant amplitude and an adjustable soft start ramp time.



  • REOVIB MFS 368

    IP54 or IP20, IIOT-Ready

    REOVIB MFS 368
    • Output voltage: 0 - 205 V
    • Frequency: 5...150 Hz (optional 300 Hz)
    • Protection: IP54 / IP20
    • Input voltage auto detect: 110... 230 V

    The REOVIB MFS 368 series of frequency inverters offer the possibility of operating the vibratory feeder at an optimum vibratory frequency for the material to be processed - with a wide input voltage range from 110V to 230V and completely independent of the frequency of the supplying electrical
    network. In addition, it is possible to automatically determine the resonant frequency of the oscillation system and to control the oscillation amplitude to constant values using the method patented by REO.

    Furthermore, various sensor and valve logic connections canbe programmed. The devices can optionally be equipped with fieldbus interfaces and are (also  optionally) available as UL/CSA certified versions.

    The devices of the REOVIB MFS 368 series are available with a max. output current of 3A, 6A, 8A as IP20 variant for switch cabinet installation as well as IP54 housing version.


     The IP54 enclosures can be supplied with various connection options:

    • Input- and output cable

    • Input cable and output plug

    • Completely pluggable with input- and output plug and sensor connectors