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With ten subsidiaries on three continents around the world, we can offer our customers a comprehensive service. Regardless of the language you speak, if something unexpected should go wrong, we will help solve your problem worldwide. An experienced contact person will take care of it immediately and offer you a solution to ensure short-term and flexible renewed availability of the failed product.

Consequently, you can always rely on REO even in an emergency!


REO products always have the same quality anywhere in the world.

Our production facilities in China, India and the US are equipped exactly as they are in German production facilities and can manufacture every product 1:1 - even after the 100th run, a REO product always has the same quality anywhere in the world.


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We ensure that REO products are always on the cutting edge of technology by using the same software, development and design as in Germany and intensive communications between the sites.

At REO, you can always find a partner who speaks your language

With ten subsidiaries worldwide, we can cope with the global challenges of today's economy. Regardless of which language is spoken or what cultural habits are also present, at REO there is always someone on hand who  understands well more than just the technical needs and requirements of our customers.

Our aim is to contribute to the efficient use of energy by consistently developing our products and expanding our markets and consequently to fulfil our responsibility to leave behind a healthy world to future generations. Daily, more than 350 employees of the REO group are engaged in this worldwide.

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    Worldwide Service

  • Components for frequency converters

    Inductive and resistive components for frequency converters



• All manufacturing facilities are matched technically to each other
• Design and development is carried out in Germany.
• Compliance with norms and standards thanks to 1:1 production abroad