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What EMC information should be requested from suppliers?

Before purchasing any equipment, obtain and check its EMC information.

Always insist on manufacturers providing you with the following information:

  1. All EMC test reports or Technical Construction Files (TCFs). Check that test reports say that it passes all the tests, and check that the TCF is approved by an EMC Competent Body. Also check through them for any modifications or installation requirements they recommend, and make sure they are done. Manufacturers who will not provide test reports or TCFs have something to hide, or else they simply do not care about you.
  2. The EMC Declaration of Conformity: check that it covers all the standards that it should for your electromagnetic environment: either ‘residential, commercial, light industrial’, or ‘industrial’.
  3. All EMC installation instructions. There should always be some: check that they are reasonable.
  4. Any limitations to use (e.g. not using cellphones or walkie-talkies in close proximity); check that these are reasonable
  5. Any specified types of cables or connectors: check that they are available and affordable.
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