Consistent results with new power supplies

Power quality specialist REO UK has refreshed its REOLINE range of portable power supplies for laboratory, test and factory applications. The range provides an adjustable low-loss output voltage, integrated short-circuit protection and does not generate electromagnetic interference (EMI), ensuring that the power supply is consistent and reliable.

REOLINE allows for stepless adjustment of voltage from absolute zero to maximum output. Each unit is robust in design and able to operate under high inrush currents, as well as withstand sustained overloads, without a detrimental impact on overall performance.

In the test and research industry, it is vital that output voltage can be accurately adjusted and monitored to prevent unreliable results. The toroidal transformers used in REOLINE are stepless, meaning that the output can be adjusted to every voltage within the model’s range. This allows input voltage limitations to be measured more precisely.

“Research labs and test departments simply cannot operate effectively without variable voltage,” explained Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK. “Reliability is vital to avoid falsified results. Inaccuracies can lead to unsafe and improper power ratings.

“For example, a quality assurance department must be able to test at a variety of clearly defined voltages. This allows for the correct measurement of minimum and maximum input voltages of a given piece of equipment, without which reliable parameters cannot be set. Without that accuracy, equipment may be subject to insufficient testing and incorrect rating — causing problems for end-users after it enters the market.”

REOLINE makes use of REO’s REOVAR range of variable transformers for test and measurement facilities. This means that the REOLINE units are able to offer protection from power quality problems that arise in the sector, such as semiconductor switching noise. Electrical noise can reduce equipment electrical efficiency, as well as unpredictable currency fluctuations.

The REOLINE range is available in a number of versions, with a choice of alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) models to meet the electrical requirements of any facility. AC models offer a max output voltage of 200V, while DC models provide up to 250V. Engineers can also specify whether they want digital or analogue products, as well as separate or auto-windings.

Each model is designed to be easily implemented into existing test facilities, often on benchtops for ease of access and use. REO UK also offers engineers the opportunity to modify products, with isolated outputs as well as current-monitoring meters, to deliver the specific power needs of their application. Engineers interested in a bespoke power supply can contact REO UK’s sales team on +44 (0)158 673 411.


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