water cooling system

Air cooled systems often have limitations, especially when the components must be compact. To guarantee efficient cooling, REO has developed a wide range of inductive and resistive components designed to be water cooled.

The use of a water cooling system allows optimal temperature characteristics to be utilised. In addition, the performance and lifetime of the component is improved. In the graphic on the right side you can see – recorded by a thermal imaging camera – the cooling performance of a water-cooled braking resistor. The entire body of the component is utilised in the cooling process.

The higher investment costs for water cooling technology are offset by a variety of advantages when compared with a air cooling based system:

  • high efficiency and low noise level
  • space requirements are reduced up to 70%
  • extremely effective cooling in high ambient temperatures
  • very low housing temperature
  • extended service life with normal operation
  • consistently high performance, as dissipated heat is removed directly
  • only method that permits cooling below the ambient air temperature
  • ideally suited for industrial applications in which modules with low surface temperatures are required (wood and textile processing or in ATEX areas)



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