variable frequency feeder controllers , energy saving conveyor controller


At the start of the REOVIB 2.0 project, our development goal was as singular as it was ambitious: We will launch the world’s most advanced and future-proof range of control systems for vibration conveyor technology. This ambitious goal of defining global competition with a new benchmark requires the combined expertise of REO AG.

Our best and most visionary developers, planners, designers and product specialists from different nations are working together in development of the REOVIB 2.0 range. In cooperation with the experts of REO Digital Connect 4.0, a comprehensive requirement profile will be implemented in the development cycle in order to be able to use the new control unit both in proven production environments and in fully digitalised production processes.


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With a range of 99 to 264 volts input while maintaining a constant 205 volt output and extensive certification, the new REOVIB MFS 368 is ready to be used anywhere in the world. Where once several conveyors were necessary, now, one REOVIB MFS 368 is enough. Thanks to automatic control, conveying performance always remains consistent. This is regardless of the environment, changing mechanical loads or wear on springs. Manual adjustment or readjustment is no longer needed, making worry-free continuous operation possible. With the REOVIB MFS 368, REO AG combined all this to launch the world’s most advanced and future-proof control system for vibration conveyor technology.

“It was important for technicians and developers when starting development of the REOVIB MFS 368 to keep the latest industrial practices in mind at all times. In order to successfully master future developments posed by the Industry 4.0 sector, we work closely with REO Digital Connect 4.0 – a specialist start-up from REO focusing on digitalisation and device communications focusing on Industry 4.0. With the REOVIB MFS 368, REO AG launched the world’s most advanced and future-proof control system for vibration conveyor technology.” André Kurzbach

energy saving conveyor controller , variable frequency feeder controllers

Frequency converters that can be used around the world for different voltages reduce investment costs

100% protection for your system, while reducing electricity costs and protecting the environment

IIoT Ready – ready for Industry 4.0


Experience of real production sites around the world demonstrate how different the production conditions around the world are, for example, when it comes to regional production conditions, the new product must work flawlessly and with low-maintenance requirements in the US, Europe, China or India. Numerous built-in protection mechanisms, interfaces and customizable functions make this global deployment possible. However, despite the significantly increased scope of performance, the new housing design can hardly differ from its predecessor devices, the new REOVIB 2.0 should perfectly and exactly replace the old devices. The biggest changes are therefore inside, the REOVIB 2.0 is ready for IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and will support REO’s hardware and software REONET DL (Devices Link) and REONET CT (Configuration Tool)