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REO UK turned 30 in 2019, celebrating three decades of helping industrial businesses to achieve greater power quality through excellence in design and electrical engineering.

To commemorate this anniversary, REO UK has released a power quality engineering ebook exploring the industry trends that have reshaped engineering in the past 30 years and serving as a future engineering report to outline the road ahead.

You can receive a copy of the ebook R30: The past, present and future of power.

The book explores:

  • How the modern industrial revolution has redefined modern engineering
  • The electrical implications of renewable energy generation
  • Why electric vehicle uptake must be supported by infrastructure development
  • Analysis of medical technology developments and the role of design engineers
  • Future engineering fields that may rise to prominence by 2050
  • The key power quality issues presented by these changes, and what engineers need to know

Featuring interviews and comments from various industry experts, ranging from materials scientists from Matmatch to railway engineering specialists from the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, the book offers a comprehensive look into the future of electrical engineering.

As managing director and author Steve Hughes says:

“Almost every aspect of day-to-day life and industry has significantly changed in the past thirty years, particularly the electronic and electrical engineering sectors. Not only have the technologies in these sectors developed substantially, but the rate of advancement is ever-increasing, which presents bountiful opportunities and binding challenges for manufacturers and engineers alike.

The opportunities are varied, but many of the challenges are familiar. Component shortages are already beginning to impede the production of electronic devices, and the abundance of devices in use today leads to electrical grids rife with power quality problems and electrical issues. And as new technologies such as electric vehicles enter the mix, alongside new energy sources through greater adoption of renewables, the challenges will only continue to mount.

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart manufacturing, more industries are beginning to overlap and converge. Having spent years helping engineers of all disciplines to improve the performance and stability of electrical equipment and infrastructure, we’ve gained a lot of insight into how different industries operate. And this insight puts us in something of a unique position, where we can see how developments in different industries can have knock-on effects in other areas. In an increasingly electrified world, the role of electrical and design engineers is to keep everything running smoothly — power quality is integral to that, and understanding the root cause of today’s electrical issues is imperative to achieving good power quality.”


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