Electrical website brings power to the people

Electrical design engineers and purchasing teams will now be able to access information more easily, thanks to power quality specialist REO UK, which has launched a new website. The redesign focuses on the visual clarity of information as well as streamlining the method of online checkout. Other new features include a restructured product portfolio and easily accessible download content. To top it off, an intuitive navigation aids usability by guiding users through a step-by-step process of search, select, checkout and after sales support.

With vast experience of working in industries ranging from automation, electric vehicles and medical systems to motor control, renewable systems and trains, REO specialises in pioneering new developments in wound components for power quality. Innovative materials selection, efficient manufacturing processes and a stringent testing and certification process gives REO its competitive edge.

“The new website keeps pace with the latest in visual design cues,” said Hughes Media, the design team behind the new website. “It takes a value-chain approach, which means users can navigate in the most intuitive possible way. This focus on heuristic, or usable, design provides visitors with a more natural way of searching, selecting and buying products as well as engaging with the support teams at REO.”

Getting to information quickly is now easier than ever with a search function that uses powerful search engine algorithms to easily locate information from the completely restructured product portfolio. Once a product has been found, the next stage of the filtering process makes it more enjoyable for users to select the right product for them.

“It can be quite tricky to build websites for the engineering sector,” explained Tim Cooke, business development manager at REO UK. “The challenge is in communicating often large quantities of complex product data such as technical datasheets, CAD drawings, and supporting documentation.

“To overcome this challenge, we’ve made the on-page text visually cleaner, during the selection stage and key bits of information such as UL accreditation have been highlighted so that engineers can make better informed decisions, quicker.”

Checkout is the next stage of the navigational process. REO provides many off-the-shelf components that can be purchased using an online checkout and can be dispatched the same day. For OEM customers with a less urgent need, information, inlcuding lead times, is clearly marked.

The final stage of the navigational process is support. The website now highlights both online and offline routes for getting in touch with REO’s team of specialists to help answer questions about bespoke orders or queries regarding product design.


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