EMC filters for outdoor lighting

European LED Lighting Innovator Achieves Breakthrough in Outdoor Reliability with IP65-Rated RFI Filters

A leading European manufacturer of cutting-edge LED lighting systems has announced a significant advancement in outdoor LED lighting reliability. Addressing challenges related to lightning-induced failures, Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI) noise, and conformity to EN61000-3-2, which defines the levels of Harmonic current emissions, the company has successfully implemented IP65-rated RFI filters in their 220 V LED modules

In response to recurring lightning-induced failures in low-voltage LED driver circuits, which resulted in costly on-site maintenance visits, it was decided to investigate moving to 220 V LED modules to enhance overall system resilience. 220 V drivers are generally less susceptible to mains-borne interference and do not create the same levels of harmonic distortion as low-voltage ones. However, unforeseen RFI noise challenges emerged, necessitating a strategic solution to maintain optimal performance, especially for outdoor installations; this is where REO came in.

The innovation lies in integrating specialized RFI trap filters, carefully designed to optimize the reduction of unwanted electromagnetic interference. The unique benefit of REO filters is that, as well as solving issues of RFI noise reduction, they can also be rated for Ingress Protection Class (IP) 65. This IP65 rating ensures robust protection against dust and water ingress, making them ideal for outdoor applications.

Key Advantages:

Reduced RFI Noise: The integrated RFI filters effectively reduce unwanted electromagnetic interference, enhancing the reliability of the LED lighting systems.

 IP65-Rated Protection: The IP65 rating provides comprehensive protection against dust and water, making the LED modules resilient in outdoor environments and extending their lifespan.

 Improved Outdoor Durability: The solution maintains optimal functionality and performance even in challenging outdoor conditions, including exposure to varying weather elements.

 Longer Cable Distances: Higher voltage systems can be more suitable for installations where the LEDs are located at a significant distance from the power source because higher voltage allows for lower current, which reduces resistive losses over long distances.

Integrating IP65-rated RFI filters represents a significant milestone in the quest for outdoor LED lighting reliability. Customers can now benefit from enhanced performance, reduced maintenance costs, and prolonged product lifespan, even during lightning-induced surges and challenging outdoor conditions.

Matt Barnfather of REO Spain said, “Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has driven us to overcome challenges and deliver solutions that allow a significant increase in standards of LED lighting reliability. Integrating IP65-rated RFI filters represents a comprehensive approach to address lightning-induced failures and environmental exposure, ensuring our customers’ products exceed expectations.”

If you would like to find out more, please visit www.reo.co.uk/emc-filters