Happy Christmas

Speaking to a customer this week, led me to an interesting thought. Whilst our turnover is only slightly less this year than last (around 4%) we did both agree that trading had not been straightforward and that we were pleased to see the back of 2009. At the beginning of the year, the operating conditions did seem much worse and our expectation of 2009 was not encouraging.

However, in the early part of 2008, we undertook a systematic appraisal of our operations in order that we could increase our capacity for sales, manufacturing and logistics. This in turn led to many areas where we were able to make tangible savings. The conclusion of these exercises has seen us become ‘leaner’ by an encouraging margin.

Without the stimulus of the downturn, it is unlikely that we would have instigated this plan and without resorting to cliches, this means that going forward the company is in a better shape to face what the future has in store.

Much of these ’savings’ were done by examining existing suppliers and discussing new ways to work with them and even changing products to suit suppliers better so that they can reduce manufacturing costs. Of course, these are all services which we offer our own existing and prospective customers and we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help save you money in 2010.

In any case, all at REO wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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