New transformer offers high efficiency even under low/no load conditions

A new range of transformers that are designed specially to operate in applications where an electrical system operates much of the time in standby mode has been introduced by REO (UK) Ltd. They offer significant energy savings as a result of high operating efficiencies even under low or no-load conditions.

An indication of the new transformer’s efficiency is a 200VA A-Trafo unit which will experience losses of as little as 1.5 watts when it operates with no load at 230V whereas a conventional EI transformer could produce 18 Watt losses under the same circumstances.

The transformers are totally encapsulated so that they more than comply with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive. Furthermore, they can be constructed with standard transformer base fittings, so that they are immediately interchangeable with traditional style transformers.

Several versions are available and currently, power ratings are up to 200VA.
Examples of ideal applications for REO’s new ‘A-Trafo’ transformers include automatic doors, hospital beds, safety gates on machinery, workbenches and packaging machinery which only operates on full power intermittently.

With the EuP (Energy using Products) Directive shortly to become law, REO expects that the A-Trafo will be of significant interest to designers who have to incorporate transformers in their electrical products.


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