Powering the rise of e-mobility

Transport power quality specialist REO UK will be exhibiting at the UK’s premier low-carbon vehicle event CENEX-LCV, from November 18-19, 2020. The event, which had record-breaking numbers of attendees in 2019, will be held virtually this year and is a chance for attendees and exhibitors alike to share practical insights, industry knowledge and announce new innovations, products and initiatives.

A wide repertoire of technologies, testing and inspections ensure that REO UK products can satisfy the most demanding quality requirements. Air-cooled systems – a prominent feature in many e-mobility applications – often have limitations, especially when the components must be compact. To combat this, REO UK has developed and will be showcasing a wide range of inductive and resistive components designed to be water-cooled, allowing optimal temperature characteristics to be utilized and the performance and lifetime upgraded.

The REO UK virtual stand will also feature other technical innovations in e-mobility power quality, such as braking resistors widely used in high-speed locomotives and recreational vehicles. REO UK will also showcase its in-house testing capabilities, which include environmental chambers, EMC and inverter testing up to 600 kW, and resistive and inductive loads for motor and battery simulation.

“We expect the next 12 months to be a tipping point for e-mobility,” explained Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK. “As EVs becomes more mainstream and manufacturers keep expanding their electric offer, it won’t be a rare sight anymore to see autonomous vehicles, alternative powertrains and on-demand mobility services.

“CENEX-LCV is the perfect opportunity for us to showcase REO’s offering, and how we can help key decision makers, manufacturers, industry experts and supply chain representatives take steps forward into the future of e-mobility. Doing so will help to position the UK as a leader in reliable, sustainable low-carbon vehicle technology development and exploitation. ”

The CENEX-LCV exhibition, which runs alongside the Connected Automated Mobility event, aims to build the awareness and confidence of organizations to adopt low-carbon vehicle technologies in both vehicles and fleet operations. Registration for the virtual exhibition, held November 18-19, 2020, can be found on the CENEX website. More details on the products that REO UK will showcase can be found on the company’s website.


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