Invertek Drives manufactures products to satisfy around 80% of the general AC drives market. Usually, the company sells stand-alone drives but some customers have applications that demand a package that ensures optimum system functionality and protection both from harmonic distortion. The company also offers a solution for energy dissipation for when drives might be exposed to returned energy from the driven motor during braking of high inertia loads.

To help meet the needs of its customers, Invertek sought a specialist power electronics supplier that could offer a range of filters, chokes, and braking resistors to match its drives. In addition, the supplier must back these products with the appropriate technical expertise to provide support on product specification thereby ensuring performance and compatibility with whichever drive from Invertek’s power range 0.37 to 160kW is involved.

REO of Craven Arms was the company selected as the best able to match these criteria. Plus, in addition to having the ability to supply products to the high standards demanded, REO is able to offer non-standard items in relatively low quantities. Such products include IP64 rated input and output chokes for use in conjunction with Invertek’s IP55 hose-down range.

“Invertek is primarily a drives company,” said Glyn Jones, Research & Development Director at Invertek, “items such as REO’s chokes, filters, and braking resistors are options and are offered as a service to our customers. We are confident in REO as a supplier and value the company’s technical expertise even to the extent of giving our customers the option of sourcing direct knowing they will be advised correctly and well supported.”

Products supplied by REO to Invertek include line filters to ensure EMC standards compliance which uses high specification inductive components instead of lower-cost capacitive ones; output filters for applications that might involve long motor cables, high capacitance motor cables, and multi-motor systems; and input chokes that reduce harmonic distortion and protect drives against harmful supply disturbances.


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