REO-MED transformers deliver safe, reliable power for medical applications

REO (UK) Ltd is now supplying a range of REO-MED medical isolation transformers, which provide an ungrounded power supply system that improves the reliability of the supply voltage and reduces the leakage current. This effectively eliminates the potential for high touch voltages on the connected equipment.

The REO-MED transformers can be used to help comply with the electrical requirements of The Medical Devices Directive and its associated standard, EN60601-1-2. The directive assures the electrical and mechanical safety of electromedical devices, especially in applications where the device requires physical contact with the patient in order to carry out its function. In these types of applications, it is required that the contact parts are electrically ‘floating’, which means that they are supplied from a source of power where the neutral line is isolated from the earth line.

REO-MED ensures that there is no direct connection between earth and the live/neutral conductors. This has several benefits, notably, in the case of an insulation fault, only a small leakage current will flow and the line fuse will not trigger, which allows the supply to be maintained even under a single fault condition.

The REO-MED range has built-in in-rush, short-circuit and thermal protection. It uses a high-quality toroidal transformer, which ensures that magnetic stray fields are minimised and will not affect other, nearby medical equipment. A separately earthed, shielded winding helps to reduce mains borne interference. The isolation between the live and neutral lines and all earth points is tested at 4kV for 1 minute.

To ensure that all equipment in an installation is at the same potential, the REO-MED units are also supplied with Potential Equalising POAG connectors, which enable all equipment to be physically bonded thus ensuring that no potential difference will exist between individual devices.

The REO-MED range has several IEC outlets, with simple connections, allowing separately powered components of an electromedical device to be powered from one source. The units are manufactured from UL listed materials, with a compact low volume construction and housed in a sturdy aluminium enclosure.


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