Sign of the (Delivery) times!

More and more new contacts are approaching us with stories of increasing lead times for products from EMC filters to brake resistors, power electronics and everything in between.

It seems that the ‘Value Chain’ has been thrown aside in the rush for components of all shapes and sizes. Many friends, customers and contacts in industry circles all report deliveries counted in months not weeks. This coupled with a general running down of stocks means that back orders are running at record levels.

REO are handling these issues in several ways, a large percentage of our business is the supply of product in Asian and American markets. REO have invested considerably in developing manufacturing sites that will specifically serve these requirements. This will obviously free European capacity and will also provide the option of lower cost base manufacturing for less complex products for European customers.

In addition to this REO are working hard to develop a stock line of products, with centralised warehousing and logistics. This will enable us to deliver considerable amounts of product to anywhere in Europe within one day if required.

This will allow us to serve those customers who are struggling with dealing with long lead times from distributers with little power to help them. This project is nearing completion, sign up for our newsletter here  if you want to me made aware of new developments.

Our own production is running multiple shifts at the moment but we can always do more! If you need something quickly contact us directly –


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