Toroidal Transformers from Stock

As confidence in Purchasing professionals remains below 50.0 in the S&P Global UK Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index™ for the 17th consecutive month, organizations seek to address business-critical issues to reduce exposure and increase sales volumes. 

As lead times increased throughout 2019, most companies increased their stock holdings to the point that the average stock value, as reported by The Manufacturer, almost doubled; this was compounded by severe price inflation, too, meaning that many companies found cash flow constrained and profit margin reduced as a consequence.

By choosing suppliers who invest in process optimization and raw materials and value long-term relationships over short-term profit gains, Purchasers can reduce their exposure to price fluctuations while reducing their stock holding and, more importantly, ensuring that any sales opportunity can be capitalized upon.

We all know that the solution is more complex than it sounds; when it comes to toroidal transformers, there are many options, from primary and secondary voltages to power ratings and even mounting parts; any stock requirement can quickly get out of hand. REO has solved this problem by providing a selection of dual-wound transformers with primary windings that can be connected in series or parallel for 115V or 230 V operation and mounting kits supplied with every transformer; this provides great flexibility for suppliers and customers alike.

In the industrial world, it is easy to assume that homogeneous products do not vary and that a given supplier is similar. However, we know that transformers, especially toroidal transformers, prove this is not the case. For example, a toroidal transformer can be around 40% more efficient than a conventional EI transformer. In addition to this, the difference between a high-quality toroidal transformer and a standard-quality one can be 2 or 3% more efficient still and will usually run cooler, too.

Having a comprehensive stock range helps businesses reduce stock holding and also allows them to compare like-for-like options and make informed decisions based on technical benefits rather than solely price and availability. They can confidently rely on suppliers who offer a wide variety of toroidal transformers, eliminating the need to maintain excessive inventory levels while ensuring that their products will work and continue to work for a long time.

In summary, an extensive stock range of high-quality toroidal transformers enables prompt delivery and allows customers to compare options and benefit from technical advantages. Additionally, it helps businesses streamline their operations by reducing unnecessary stock holding.


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