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Motor Choke Cnw M 854

Fully encapsulated three-phase motor choke


Voltage rise (<200V / us) and distortion reduction – protect electrical consumers optimally.

Motor chokes in fully encapsulated versions are specially designed for rough environments and offer very good mechanical protection of the component. The full encapsulation allows design up to protection ratings IP 66.

Losses and heating are minimized and the leakage current is reduced. Longer motor cable lengths are possible. By limiting the rate of voltage rise, the motor insulation is protected and thus prolongs the life. The motor choke also attenuates the conducted interference in the lower frequency range very good. The losses and the typical noise in the motor plate can be reduced. Voltage rise (<200V / us) will be reduced.

Increasing the service life of motors, reduction of edge steepness dv/dt to earth and between phases, reduce motor noise, and current smoothing.


  • Usable in a rough environment
  • Optimal mechanical protection of the choke
  • Different fixings possibilities caused by 3 basic versions
  • Assembly of different options: cables, terminals, terminal box
  • Lower surface temperature
  • Protection class up to IP 66
  • Protection of electrical consumers
  • Limitation of the voltage increase
  • to <500V / us
  • The extended service life of electrical consumers
  • Reduction of engine noise
  • Low leakage currents on the motor
  • Longer motor cables are possible
  • Easy construction
  • Compact design
  • Production according to the UL insulation system
  • E251513 possible


Drive systems for motor drives, Mechanical engineering, Elevators/ escalators, Pipes, Conveyor technology, Ventilation and air conditioning, Robotics, Automation technology, Power supplies, Wind turbines



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