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Emc Filter Cnw 307

Filter combination (single stage)


The CNW 307 combi filter relieves the supply network by compensating for harmonic reactive power. The harmonic harmonics are reduced to THD < 60 %. This improves efficiency and relieves the line. The mains choke also limits the occurring mains disturbances, such as current peaks and voltage dips of the mains. To comply with EN 610003-2 or IEEE 519 standards, we recommend using the CNW 898 series. The integrated mains filter attenuates the very high asymmetrical and symmetrical HF currents caused by the inverter.


  • Compact construction
  • Different connections (Terminals/cables /bars)
  • Easy and fast installation damping of the harmonics
  • Attenuation of current harmonics
  • Limitation of inrush currents
  • Reduction of mains disturbance, current peaks and voltage drops
  • The increased life time for IGBTs
  • Low noise


Interference suppression of frequency converters with IGBTs and reduction of harmonics PFC (Power Factor Correction) and commutation (current conduction between thyristors) with fast switching semiconductors.


  • Conforming to: VDE 0565-3-1 / EN 133200
  • Test voltage: L-L 2100 V, DC 1s, L-PE 2700 V, DC 1s
  • Overload: 1,5 x I 1 min/h
  • Climatic category: DIN IEC 60068-1
  • Nominal Voltage: 500 V
  • Rated current : 3 – 50 A
  • (1) Voltage drop of line choke: The line choke of the CNW 307/3 and CNW 307/6 has a Uk of 4 %. For current ratings of 10 A off the line, chokes have a Uk of 2 %.
  • (2) Leakage current of line filters: The technical data shows the maximum leakage current under normal operating conditions. If two phases are interrupted, the leakage current may increase to 6 times the value.
  • For Europe:
    Short circuit voltage Uk: 2% (at 400 V) Voltage drop: 4,6 V/branch
  • For America:
    Frequency: 60 Hz Short circuit voltage Uk: 4,8% (at 200 V) Voltage drop: 5,5 V/branch